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        XI’AN QINGZHOU ELECTRIC CAPACTITOR CO., LTD is a high-tech professional manufacturers which specialize in the design, development and production. Our company mainly manufactures high and low voltage shunt capacitor ,high and low voltage series capacitor, self-healing low-voltage capacitor,filter capacitor,protection capacitor,electro-thermal capacitor,high voltage assembling shunt capacitor, High and low voltage reactive compensation device, high voltage column reactive power compensation device,complete equipment of high and low voltage filter,MSVC magnetron intelligent compensation device,QZ-APF active filter device,110KV reactive power compensation device,shunt reactors automatic compensation device,high voltage Indoor and outdoor vacuum circuit breaker,high and low voltage vacuum contactors and other products.Capacitor is tested by National Power Capacitor Quality Supervision and Inspection Center many times, and it meets the national standard GB/T11024-2001. High and low voltage switch and complete set also meets the relative standard.
        The products refer to the industrial, national and international standard production, and we accept designing according to customer’s requirement.  Our company has strong technology, professional research team, advanced product. Our company sets product testing laboratory, raw material testing laboratory, precision testing instrument and equipment, seriously inspect products with IEC standard. Our microcomputer applies in product design and inspection, keeping the goods in a clean environment of constant temperature and humidity. Vacuum impregnation process and temperature is controlled by automatic computer to control the production in a standard condition;  …… 

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This product is suitable for power system of power frequency ac (50 hz), is used to improve the pow..
This product is suitable for electric power grid, there are a large number of nonlinear load, causi..
TBB high voltage parallel capacitor complete equipment is mainly used in power frequency ac (50 hz)..
This product is suitable for the requirements in the rated power flow is frequent operation, or mor..
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